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Your Chiropractor

All too long ago, I studied Applied Physics and Electronics. I followed a path of solving industrial automation problems and became interested in how we reach our full potential.

​Between parenthood and post knee rupture injury, I embarked upon the humility of finishing Ironman triathlons (5X), Mountain Biking across the Alps and High Atlas Mountains, road cycling from London to Edinburgh in 35hrs and several other endurance events including marathons. I learned what the body and mind could do and how it did it.  


After one excruciating low back pain incident, I found Chiropractic.  ​I walked into my Chiropractor like a half shut knife and walked out straight and nearly pain free.  I yearned to learn about Chiropractic and how it contributed to making a difference in peoples lives. The difference that made the difference. I found the McTimoney Chiropractic course and signed up immediately.  

For 6 years, I studied human anatomy, physiology, neurology and behavioural aspects of wellness and nervous system optimisation. ​Now, as a Doctor and Master of Chiropractic; a regulated Primary Care professional, I'm here to help you through Musculoskeletal complaints and to work with you and other Healthcare specialists to provide you with all the tools to live an active and busy life. ​

Whether you are into sports, gardening, parenting, easy living or retiring, ask yourself 'how can Chiropractic help you?' You may be surprised with the answer!​  


Call me at Glenboig Chiropractic!​​

Dr Phil Burnside DC, MChiro, MMCA, IEng,​

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